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    Fuglseth, Linn Andrea

    Soprano from Sandefjord, Norway, who attended London’s Guildhall School of Music and graduated with a degree in Early Music Advanced Solo Studies in 1995.  Two years later, she received a Higher Diploma from the Norwegian Academy of Music, specializing in singing. 


    Singing would become her bread and butter, as she went on to co-form Trio Mediaeval with Anna Maria Friman and Torunn Ostrem Ossum in 1997.  The trio’s name is pretty much self-explanatory, although their repertoire is not confined to the Middle Ages.  Linn arranges Norwegian folk songs for the group to perform, and they have been known to perform selected works by contemporary composers.  They have released a handful of albums over the years, including Folk Songs, Soir, Dit Elle:  Words of the Angel, and Stella Maris. 


    Linn has also appeared with a variety of artists on albums such as Crux, Diminuito and From the Sweet-Scented Streams of Eternity.  Aside from her recordings and performances with Trio Mediaeval, Linn has soloed with The Norwegian Baroque Orchestra, The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir, and The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.  She is also passing her rich musical knowledge onto a new generation of singers, as she is the artistic director and conductor of the Boltelokka Children’s Choir in Oslo, Norway. 


    Trio Mediaeval recordings

    Beata Viscera (Perotin)



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