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    Gadler, Larry

    Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who kicked around Seattle bands such as Kicking Bear and Marsha Rush and Lyfe before moving to Nashville in 1979.  Two years hence, he would briefly join The Burrito Brothers (shortly after the “Flying” went flying off) and toured for roughly half of 1981, including a date at The Grand Ole Opry.  In 1994, he rejoined them for a European tour.  Highlights from this series of concerts appear on the Flying (it’s ba-ack) Burrito Brothers album, Live in Europe. 


    A decade later, on 12th February to be exact, Chris and Larry Gadler released Tracks.  It was not the first recording to boast his name in the credits, nor would it be his last.  His discography stretches back at least as far as Willie Nelson’s Music from “Songwriter” and has continued throughout the new millennium.  Some of the other albums on which he appears include The Essential Kris Kristofferson and Northwest Battle of the Bands (Vols. 1 & 4). 


    In the mid-1990s, Larry relocated to Southern California where he established RattleSnakeTracks Studio.  His compositions include “Go That Far” (which became the title track of Tara McCormick’s sophomore CD), “She’s a Line Dancer”, and “Yellow Roses in Spring”, all of which were co-written with Robert Alan Margulies.  He has also collaborated with Chris Anderson, Glenn Erickson, Becky Hobbs, and Lee Tillman.  For a taste of Larry’s versatility, check out Tom Vicson’s Favorites, on which he plays bass guitar, drums and percussion, and sings harmony.



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