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    Gordon, Mitch

    Vocalist from Clearfield, Pennsylvania, who started out in a U.S. Navy band in Washington, D.C. with John Bahler.  The two of them would go on to help form The Love Generation.  A good example of their work can be found on the 1968 release, Montage.  Also in 1968, Mitch was an erstwhile member of The Hellers, who released the mouthful of an album, Singers, Talkers, Players, Swingers & Doers.  It was a busy year for Mitch, who also found himself supplying backing vocals for Elvis Presley on his NBC-TV special that aired in December 1968.  In the 1970s, Mitch continued to be in demand as a session singer.  He appeared on Gram Parsons' 1973 LP, GP/Grievous Angel, and went on to work with The Carpenters on 1975's Horizon.  In 1978, Mitch appeared on no less than four albums:  Ted Gardestad's Blue Virgin Isles; Rod McKuen's ambitious "Gothic" musical, The Black Eagle, in which Mitch is credited with the title role; Flora Purim's Everyday... Everynight; and the soundtrack of Grease.  The following year was almost as busy with appearances on Donald Byrd & 125th St., N.Y.C., Captain & Tennille's Make Your Move, and Frank Sinatra's boxed set, Trilogy.  He is also credited as an "additional voice" on the animated film, The Little Mermaid.  The CD era affords us a few opportunities to hear Mitch's work, on holiday fare such as Harry Connick, Jr.'s When My Heart Finds Christmas, Jimmie Haskell's California '99, and the Gram Parsons anthologies, Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels and The Complete Reprise Sessions.



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