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    Haas, Jim

    Vocalist whose earliest credits seem to be with The Frantics, who released a pair of albums, Relax Your Mind and Conception, in 1968 and 1971, respectively.  He is also credited with keyboards. 


    In the 1970s, he embarked upon a career as a session singer.  Early recordings include Cher’s cover of “Knock on Wood”, on her 1976 LP, I’d Rather Believe in You.  Other albums on which he appeared that year include Dion’s Streetheart, Randy Edelman’s Fairwell Fairbanks, and the soundtrack of Phantom of the Paradise.  In 1977, he performed on Randy Edelman’s If Love is Real, Leif Garrett’s eponymous debut, Alan O’Day’s Appetizers, and Boz ScaggsDown Two Then Left.  The following year, he appeared on Kerry Chater’s Love on a Shoestring, Ted Gardestad’s Blue Virgin Isles, and the soundtrack of Grease.  He was also a member of the Ron Hicklin Singers, who sang backup on Jerry Lee Lewis’s self-titled album in 1979.  Other releases from the same year include Harvey Mason’s Groovin’ You, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and Frank Sinatra’s boxed set, Trilogy. 


    In 1980, he joined Eric Carmen on Tonight You’re Mine, Teri De Sario on Caught, and Nielsen/Pearson on S.T.  He reunited with Pink Floyd in 1981 on a pair of albums, Between a Wall and a Hard Place and A Collection of Great Dance Songs.  Other 1981 albums on which he appeared include Juice Newton’s Juice and Tom Johnston’s Still Feels Good.  In 1982, he sang backing vocals on Laura Branigan’s Branigan, helped David Roberts get All Dressed Up, accompanied Patty Weaver on her eponymous LP, and appeared on the soundtrack of Pink Floyd—The Wall.  He hooked up with Laura Branigan again on 1984’s Self Control.  In 1987, he joined Vince Gill on The Way Back Home and joined Roger Waters for a guest appearance at Wembley Arena as part of his KAOS tour.  He was back in the movie studio a year later for Lady in White.  In 1989, he appeared on Barry Manilow’s self-titled album and Stan Ridgway’s Mosquitos. 


    He opened the 1990s with Pink Floyd on The Wall – Live in Berlin.  In 1992, he appeared on the Pink Floyd boxed set, Shine On, and joined Roger Waters on his solo album, Amused to Death.  The same year found him teaming up with Weird Al Yankovic on his album, Off the Deep End, and Neil Diamond on The Christmas Album.  He also contributed background vocals on Dwight Yoakam’s 1993 release, This Time.  In 1994, he was a member of the chorus on the animated film, The Swan Princess.  Jim made the cut on the Barry Manilow boxed set, Another Life, teamed up with Phyllis Hyman on I Refuse to Be Lonely, and re-joined Dwight Yoakam for Gone, all three of which were released in 1995.  In 1996, he took a new direction on Jackson Browne’s Looking East, appeared on the soundtrack of Grace of My Heart, and was one of the many artists on the anthology, America’s Music:  the Roots of Country. 


    Other artists with whom he has recorded include Harry Connick, Jr., Rita Coolidge, David Foster, Bruce Johnston, Roy Orbison, and Kenny Rogers.  Recent CDs on which you can hear Jim singing include the Pink Floyd re-packagings, Oh by the Way, Is There Anybody out There?  The Wall Live 1980-81, and Echoes:  The Best of Pink Floyd.



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