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    Hilliard, Brenda

    Vocalist from Tampa, Florida, who was a member of The 5 Crystals with Zulema Cusseaux until the two of them co-founded The Lovelles with Albert Bailey.  They morphed into Faith, Hope & Charity and released an eponymous album in 1970, followed up by Heavy Love in 1972. 


    Zulema went solo and Albert and Brenda released “Talking About Loving You”, backed with “This Has Happened Before”, in 1974. 


    In 1975, Faith, Hope & Charity (with Diane Destry in tow) re-emerged with “Mellow Me” and “To Each His Own”.  These were succeeded by “Life Goes On”/”You’re My Piece of Mind” in 1976, and another self-titled album in 1978. 


    Brenda also contributed backing vocals to the Van McCoy albums, Disco Baby, The Disco Kid, Lonely Dancer, My Favourite Fantasy, The Real McCoy, and Rhythms of the World, as well as Zulema’s RSVP and Z-Licious.  Other albums on which she appears include Gary U.S. Bonds’ Dedication, DismastersAnd Then Some, and The Very Best of Stacy Lattisaw.


    Van McCoy recordings

    The Shuffle (Van McCoy)

    That’s the Joint (Richard Harris/Van McCoy)



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