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    Kanzian, Gerhard (1958-Present)

    He is a multi-musician, arranger and producer born in Vienna whose mother as the first person to recognise his musical abilities when he was young and it was through her, in 1967, that he became a member of the Vienna Boys Choir where he gained his first formal training. 


    He remained with the choir until 1972 when his voice broke but during his time with them he toured the world.


    When he was 14, a short time after he left the choir, he became acquainted with a member of the Vienna Philharmonic, Professor Eduard Larysz, who had noticed his talent as a violinist.  This led to him being taught by the Professor which saw him entering the University Of Music and Performing Arts two years later.


    During his time at the university he decided to change his studies in the violin to the viola and in 1979 he was offered a place at the Tonkunstlerorchester Wien which he declined.  He decided to study at Salzburg’s Mozarteum instead and couple that with studies in percussion at Vienna’s university.


    He debuted as a professional musician in 1979 and has since made his name known as a chamber musician and soloist.


    In 1981 he became the founder of the Huge Wolf Quartet and carrying on his work with smaller ensembles he was a member of the Viennese Glinka Quartet from 1984 to 1988.


    From 1989 he worked with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and was a regular soloist with them until 1994. 


    He had, however also gain a huge interest in the recording and production side of things so decided to join the orchestra’s “tutti” group in 1994 and become the founder of the Johann Strauss Quartet with other members of the Symphony.  Several years previously produced the CD collection Musica Classica and now he made the decision to put together a mobile studio which has since produced recordings for the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, the Konzerhaus Wien and several Viennese ensembles.


    In 2007 he became the manager for the Vienna Symphony Orchestra’s recording company, Symphonia.  He stayed in this position until 2010.


    He still performs and is an active chamber and orchestral musician.


    In recognition of his work he was honoured by Vienna’s Ministry of Art and Culture when they bestowed the title of Professor on him.



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