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    Kurzdorfer, Jim (7 July 1947 – 26 April 2011)

    Bassist whose first recording appears to be Birthright’s Free Spirits in 1974.  By the late ‘70s, he had joined Spyro Gyra and stayed with them through 1980.  Jim penned a couple of songs for them, “Philly”, which appeared on 1980’s Catching the Sun, and “String Soup”, on 1981’s Freetime. 


    In 1988, he offered bass support on A Family Sweet:  The Music of Sam Falzone, and rejoined fellow Spyro Gyra alum, Rick Strauss, on Jump Start.  He can also be heard on Spyro Gyra:  Collection, released on CD in 1991.  In 1994, he was in the studio with Bobby Militello on tracks that would later comprise the album, London Flat, London Sharp.  He also made the cut on The Instrumental History of Jazz in 1997.  He opened the new millennium on Colleen Williams’ eponymous CD, along with his frequent partner-in-crime, Bobby Jones. 


    Jim spent several years performing in the Buffalo area, at venues such as The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Bobby McGee’s, The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, Faulkner Park, Kleinman’s Music Hall, Niawanda Park, The Queen City Jazz Festival, Seneca Niagara Casino, Roycroft Inn, Shadow Lounge, The Sportsman’s, Tralf Music Hall, Walker Center, and Wegman’s. 


    Some of the artists and groups with whom he worked include Mir Ali, John Bacon, Jr., The Buffalo Philharmonic, The Custode and Parisi Jazz Trio, Djambossa, Michael Feinstein, Heather Gross, Dan Hull, It’s Kenny’s Fault, The Jim Beishline Quartet, Bill Kuhn, Rob Lynch, Diana Lynne, Janice Mitchell, Don Rice, Dave Scott, Trio Gitano, Stu Weissman, and Zodia. 


    In 2007, he appeared on Bobby Militello’s Straight Ahead CD and Bob Silvestri’s album, Between Head and Heart. 


    Jim was also active as a mentor and teacher, instructing up-and-comers such as Matt Michaud, Darrell Nutt, and John Shaughnessy.  In July 2009, he led his own jazz camp as part of the summer session at Villa Maria College in Buffalo, New York.


    He passed away on 26th April 2011 after a twelve-year battle with cancer.


    Spyro Gyra recordings

    Morning Dance (Jay Beckenstein)



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