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    Lane, Adrian

    Trombonist who has successfully navigated genres from the 1980s onward, performing and recording classical, jazz, pop-rock, and theatrical music. 


    In May 1983, he was in the orchestra pit at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama’s Bloomsbury Theatre for a production of Merrily We Roll Along. 


    He appeared on the CD, John Williams Plays Paul Hart Concerto for Guitar & Jazz Orchestra, in 1987. 


    On 20th October 1992, he was back in the orchestra pit for The Shaftesbury Theatre’s production of Kiss of the Spider Woman – The Musical.


    In the 1990s, he was credited with the following recordings:  As Above So Below by Barry Adamson; Back in the U.S.S.A. by The Interpreters; Bruckner:  Motets by the Choir of St. Bride’s Church and Robert Jones; 11 Maneras de ponerse un sombrero by Miguel Bose; Escalator Over the Hill by the Carla Bley Big Band; Gabrieli:  Canzonas, Sonatas, Motets; Heaven and Soul Love by Workshy; A Little Christmas Music by The King’s Singers; Music of the Night by Jeff Leyton; the 1994 London Palladium cast recording of Oliver!; The Orchestra of Smith’s Academy by Mike Westbrook; Ripe by Banderas; and, The Shadow of the Duke by John Harle.


    Neither has he slowed down in the new millennium.  In 2004, he served as second assistant music director and trombonist for the London Palladium production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 


    Highlights of his discography include:  the self-titled Aluminium; the original London cast recordings of Carmen Jones, Kiss of the Spider Woman, The Lord of the Rings and The Witches of Eastwick; Duke Ellington by Arrangement by The Monty Alexander Trio; I’m the Greatest Star!  The Overtures of Jule Styne Volume Two by Jack Everly and the National Symphony Orchestra; The King’s Singers Greatest Hits; Love Underground, The Lobster & Other Tales by The Mephisto Ensemble; Maltese Cross, Remembrance, Two Suites by Paul Hart and The Very Best of NYJO by the National Youth Jazz Orchestra; and, Upswing! by The Peter Cater Big Band.


    In the field of music education, he has coached and conducted at several colleges and teaches trombone at Royal Grammar School, which is located in High Wycombe, England.


    The King’s Singers recordings

    Patapan and Farandole (Bernard De La Monnoye/Georges Bizet/Jeremy Jackman)

    EMI 49909 (CD: A Little Christmas Music)

    Countertenor and composer - Jeremy Jackson

    Countertenor - Alastair Hume

    Tenor and Arranger - Bob Chilcott

    Baritone - Bruce Russell

    Baritone - Simon Carrington

    Bass - Stephen Connolly



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