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    Limonick, Peter

    Percussionist who has the distinction of having played the sandpaper blocks on David Soul’s 1977 LP, Playing to an Audience of One.  He would play for a much larger audience, eventually, appearing on a number of film soundtracks, including 1981’s Stripes, which featured music composed by Elmer Bernstein. 


    Peter also appears on a couple of latter-day Carpenters efforts, 1981’s Made in America and 1983’s Voice of the Heart.  He also made the cut on The Carpenters’ Gold box set, released in 2004. 


    In the 1980s, he veered more and more towards film work, performing on the soundtracks of 1985’s The Color Purple and 1987’s Lethal Weapon.  Appropriately enough, he recorded with Neil Diamond on The Movie Album—As Time Goes By in 1998.  A year later, he would offer percussive support on Harry Connick, Jr.’s Come By Me. 


    The new millennium would see Peter returning to the movie studio time and again for a spate of soundtracks:  Antwone Fisher, The Big Bounce, Bobby Jones:  Stroke of Genius, Ice Age, The Interpreter, King Kong, The Legend of Zorro, Peter Pan, Robots, Signs, and Spider-Man 2.  (He also appears on the soundtrack of the Spider-Man 2 video game.) 


    On 12th January 2004, he and other Local 47 musicians recorded “The Star-Spangled Banner” with Beyonce, which aired during Super Bowl XXXVIII. 


    As recently as 2008, he teamed up with Arturo Sandoval on Trumpet Evolution, a 19-track homage to some of the trumpeting greats.



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