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    Love, Steve

    Guitarist who was a member of Stories, along with Michael Brown, Ian Lloyd, and Bryan Madey.  In 1972, they released a self-titled debut album, which was followed by 1973’s About Us and Traveling Underground.  About Us featured one of his compositions, “Changes Have Begun”, and peaked at #29 on the album chart. 


    Around the time that About Us was on its way up, Steve was on his way out.  He was replaced by Richie Ranno, although he did make a guest appearance on Lloyd’s 1976 outing, Goose Bumps.  Then he joined Bionic Boogie and played on their 1978 LP, Hot Butterfly.  Another Gregg Diamond project, Star Cruiser, utilized Steve’s ax abilities on acoustic and electric guitar, including the lead solo on “Arista Vista”.  In 1979, he lent his talents to Robin Beck’s Sweet Talk and Bionic Boogie’s Tiger Tiger. 


    He performed on the following recordings in the ‘80s:  City Kids and Incognito by Spyro Gyra; House of Music by T.S. Monk; “I’m Livin’ a Life of Love” by Zinc; Jump to It by Aretha Franklin; Milk and Honey by John Lennon & Yoko Ono; and, Never Too Much by Luther Vandross. 


    If you would like to hear Steve’s guitar stylings in all of their re-mastered, digitized glory, check out Bionic Boogie, released on CD in 2010.


    The Spinners recordings

    Disco Ride (Jolyon Skinner/Eltesa Weatherby/Michael Zager)



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