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    Martin, Roy

    Bassist who was a member of Netherbow before he joined the Medium Wave Band II, which morphed into Avalon in 1984.  They released “The Ballrooms of Romance”, followed by albums such as Higher Ground, Heavy Hearts and Rocky Roads.  In 1990, they appeared at the Cropready Festival, and in 2002, the Lorient Festival, but broke up shortly thereafter.


    Some of the members went on to form Orain, which did the rounds of the festival and folk club circuit, but they only lasted about a year.


    Roy Martin continued to perform with bands such as Cranachan, The Distant Cousins and the Rab Howat Band, which became a mainstay at Bannerman’s in Edinburgh.


    Albums that bear his name include Fingernail Moon by Jim Hunter, North of the Border by Allan Johnston & Friends and Sandy Bell’s Ceilidh.


    The Medium Wave Band Recordings

    Disney Girls (1957) (Bruce Johnston)

    Spark SRL 1140

    Mellow Yellow (Donovan Leitch)

    Spark SRL 1140



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