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     Mayer, Jim

    He is a bass player, singer-songwriter and producer also known as "Uncle Jim" born in Ambur, India, as the youngest in a family of eight children where their father was a Lutheran minister.  He first heard popular music when singles arrived from the UK and this led him to taking up the bass in a successful musical career later on.  He became a member of the band PM, with his brother Peter and Roger Guth and after being taken on by Jimmy Buffett as the band to work on his 1989 album "Off to see the Lizard" he has performed with the other members as part of The Coral Reefer Band ever since.  During his professional musical career with PM and Jimmy Buffett he has performed with many musicians and artists that include Mose Allison, Robert Greenidge, Alan Jackson, Little Feat, Ralph MacDonald, Joni Mitchell, Nadirah Shakoor, J.D. Souther, Ringo Starr, George Strait, James Taylor and Michael Utley and opened for acts such as Chicago and The Moody Blues.  The albums he has appeared on include Off to See the Lizard, Feeding Frenzy, Fruitacakes, Barometer Soup, Beach House on the Moon and Take the Weather With You by Jimmy Buffett, Spare Tire Orchestra by Peter Mayer, Word of Mouth by Mac McAnally, P.M. by PM, Forever Tams by The Tams, Thanks & Giving by Marlo Thomas & Friends, Pandora's Garage by Carl Weingarten and the soundtracks of Hoot and Arachnophobia.  In 2002 he became known as "Uncle Jim" and has since won many awards for his performances and the CDs of children's music Uncle Jim - Funky As a Diaper and Let There Be Fun.  



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    Here he is performing his "Never Look Back"...












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