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     McCulloch, Jimmy (4th June 1953-27th September 1979)

    He was a lead guitarist born in Glasgow Scotland.  He began his career when he was just 11, playing for the band The Jaygars, with his brother Jack.  They were popular in their local area and supported many visiting bands including The Who.   They changed their name to One In a Million and released two singles before disbanding in 1968.  When he was 15 he formed the band Thunderclap Newman.  They was produced by Pete Townshend, of the group The Who, who would perform with the band using the name Bijou Drains and assist on their No. 1 chart hit "Something in the Air".  He would move on to work with Stone the Crows and in 1972 he appeared on John Entwistle's Whistle Rhymes, which also featured Pete Frampton.  During that time he would make several appearances on albums by other artists and was taken on as second guitarist for the Scottish band, Blue, appearing on their 1973 self-titled album.  He was fired by the band, after they had thrown out of a car that had been stopped, for his drug dependency and the effect it had.  In 1974 he became a member of Paul McCartney & Wings and recorded and toured with them as well as composing the song "Medicine Jar" from the Venus and Mars album.  In 1976 he broke his wrist while rehearsing for the first Wings Over America concert, when he got into a wrestling match with David Cassidy in a dressing room, and therefore delayed the tour for weeks.  After leaving Wings in 1977 he joined the Small Faces on a tour and made small appearances on their next two albums.  He would move onto The Dukes where his last recorded song would be "Heatbreaker".  In 1979, when he was just 26, he died from a heroin overdose he had taken while at his flat in London.


    Paul McCartney & Wings recordings

    Lunchbox/Odd Sox (Paul McCartney)



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    Here he is with The Dukes on his final song, "Heartbreaker"....















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