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    Meares, Edward

    Principal bass for The Pasadena Symphony Orchestra and token bassist for The Pacific Classical Winds who has appeared on soundtracks of enough movies to build a video collection around.  A favourite of David Moritz Michael, he has appeared on the composer's By a Spring, Parthien 6-9, Parthien 10-14, and Water Journey albums, as well as Ransom Wilson's Pleasure Songs For Flute and the French bon-bon, Savoir Faire.  Other artists with whom he has recorded include Paul Anka, Christopher Cross, Neil Diamond, Danny Elfman, David Foster, James Newton Howard, Frank Sinatra, Carnie Wilson, Nancy Wilson, and Frank Zappa.  Soundtracks on which he has performed include Antwone Fisher, The Bourne Supremacy, Cars, Dark Water, Elektra, Flags Of Our Fathers, Hairspray, The Interpreter, Looney Tunes:  Back In Action, March of the Penguins, The Number 23, Paycheck, Robots, Signs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Village, The World's Fastest Indian, and X2:  X-Men United.  On 5th May 1995, Edward took part in a Mozart program with the Pacific Classical Winds in tribute to the late Colette Nance, pianist and co-founder of the South Bay Chamber Music Society. 



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