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    Minkler, Mark

    Bassist and double-bassist who attended North Texas State University, Stinnett Music Nonpareil, and Wichita North High School.


    Groups with whom he has worked include the Barry Levitt Trio, the Eric Puente Jazz Trio, the Frank Kohl Quartet, the Jon Doty Trio, the Jon Sholle Trio, the New York Pops, the Steve LaMattina Quartet, the Wichita State University Percussion Orchestra, and the Widespread Depression Jazz Orchestra.


    From 27th July – 4th September 1982, he did a stint at Michael’s Pub in New York entitled “Living a Ragtime Life” with banjoist and guitarist Howard Alden, alto saxophonist and clarinetist Jim McElwaine, and pianist Max Morath.


    He was at Gregory’s on 27th July 1986 for a live gig with vocalist David Allyn and guitarist Scott Hardy.


    On 11th January 1987, he played with Jordan Sandke and his quartet at the Vineyard Theater as part of Vintage Jazz at the Vineyard.


    He was in the orchestra pit for a production of Swinging on a Star from 22nd October 1995 through 13th January 1996.


    In June 1998, he recorded “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” at TomTom Studios with the Barry Levitt Trio and vocalist Valentine Ryder.


    He appeared at the South East Grille House in Brewster, New York, with the Steve LaMattina Quartet on 25th June 2005.


    On 31st May 2008, he participated in a Cole Porter tribute with vocalist Jeff Harnar and pianist Alex Rybeck at the Metropolitan Room.


    He gave a benefit performance with artist Jeff Schlanger and guitarist Jon Sholle at the Empty Hand Zen Center on 1st November 2009.


    On 26th March 2010, he gave a concert with the Jon Sholle Trio at the Croton Free Library.


    He performed with the Eric Puente Jazz Trio at the Tenampa Restaurant in Croton on Hudson, New York, on 14th February 2011.  On 29th December 2011, he reunited with Eric Puente for Jazz at the Black Cow.


    He and pianist Tom Cole, vocalist Grace Doty and drummer Jon Doty entertained at the Winery in St. George in January 2012.


    On 27th August 2012, he rejoined Alex Rybeck and Jeff Harnar for a Broadway at Birdland concert entitled “Does This Song Make Me Look Fat?”


    He appeared with the Frank Kohl Quartet at the BeanRunner Café in Peekskill, New York, on 28th September 2012.


    Recordings on which he appears include:  Because of You:  Fifties Gold by Jeff Harnar; Better Days and When the Sun Comes Out by Karen Mason; Catch as Catch Can by Bob Merrill; Clarinetango and Israel—Yiddish Soul by Giora Feidman; Little by Little by the York Theatre Company; New York Romance by Alison Fraser; Paris Blues by the Widespread Jazz Orchestra; and, Sibling Revelry by Ann Hampton and Liz Calloway.



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