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    Raimondi, Hugo

    Clarinetist and horn player whom you may have heard on the soundtrack of Ben-Hur.  If not, there have been ample opportunities:  Hugo has recorded with Neil Diamond (Beautiful Noise, In My Lifetime), Frankie Laine (Rawhide) and Frank Sinatra (Trilogy).  He has also appeared on a number of classical albums, interpreting the works of Laurindo de Almeida, Antonin Dvorak, Maurice Ravel, and Arnold Schoenberg.  On 24th September 1956, he appeared, as a member of The Los Angeles Winds, on a recording of Dvorak's "Serenade in D minor".  The conductor was David Raksin.  A year later, he worked with Robert Craft on a recording of Schoenberg's "Serenade, Op. 24", a piece that is unique in that it also employs a bass clarinet, guitar, and mandolin.  It was not his only foray into the Schoenberg catalogue:  He performed clarinet duties on the composer's "4 Stucke" and his "Suite, Op. 29".  In 1970, he collaborated with harpist Marcel Grandjany on Ravel's "Introduction et Allegro".  A decade later, this time with The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, he lent support to Almeida's "Primeiro Concerto para Violao e Orquestra".  In 2007, the final touches were being put on Ebony Concerto, a showcase of clarinet works, featuring Hugo on Harold Owen's "Chamber Music for Four B-flat Clarinets". 



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