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    Reher, Sven

    Violist who attended Interlochen Center for the Arts, and UCLA, as a student of Arnold Schoenberg.  It was there that he met his wife Anne Marie Sullivan, with whom he would produce five children and decades' worth of musical entertainment for their friends at their Westwood home, highlighted by an annual Christmas Carol Sing.  Sven appears on a number of chamber recordings, most notably as the soloist on GSC Recordings' 1975 release of Paul Hindemith's Sonata for Solo Viola, Op. 25, No. 1, and as part of a duo on Leon Levitch's Sonata for Viola and Piano, on which he played alongside the composer, and Eric Zeisl's Sonata for Viola and Piano, with Eda Schlatter, on Spa.  He can also be heard on a number of pop albums, having worked with the likes of Nat King Cole, Neil Diamond, Maureen McGovern, and Frank Sinatra.  His film credits include Brubaker, The Enforcer, and Fantasia, the latter for which he shares the distinction with three other musicians of playing on the original soundtrack and the 1982 digital re-mastering of the score.  His Essay For Solo Viola Piano Reduction is still widely available online.  John MacLean immortalized him in music with his Elegy (In Memory of Sven Reber).


    Lalo Schifrin recordings

    Love Rhapsody from "The Concorde - Aiport '79" (Lalo Schifrin)

    Theme from "The Concorde - Airport '79" (Lalo Schifrin)



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