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     Robinson, Claudette Rogers (September 1942-Present)

    She is a singer-songwriter and producer born Claudette Marie Rogers in New Orleans, Louisiana, who was dubbed “The First Lady of Motown” by Berry Gordy as she was the first woman to be signed to the record label. 


    In the mid-50s her brother was in The Matadors with the singer Smokey Robinson but in 1957 he had to take his military service.  This led to her stepping in to take his place and after appearing with The Matadors for a time it was decided to change their name to The Miracles when they got a recording contract as it would not sound so much like it was an all-male ensemble. 


    After having worked with them for 2 years she and Smokey Robinson got married and during their early years at Motown, Smokey co-wrote The Temptations’ hit record “My Girl” and dedicated it to her.  Appearing on their early hit records she can be heard on songs such as “Tracks of My Tears”, “Going to a Go-Go”, “Ooo Baby Baby” and “You Really Got a Hold On Me”. 


    She gave up touring after a while as the gruelling schedule was a contributing factor to her miscarrying on seven occasions during a time when she and her husband were trying to start a family.  She did still appear in the studio with The Miracles though until 1972 and over time she and Smokey had two children which they named Berry, after Berry Gordy, and Tamla, after Tamla Motown. 


    In 1986 she and Smokey went their own separate ways after nearly three decades of marriage and although he is now a successful solo artist, she continues to make occasional appearances with the current line-up of The Miracles and co-produced the 1994 Smokey Robinson 35th Anniversary Collection. 


    Her songwriting saw her co-composing the song “Everyday I’ll Love You More Than Yesterday” with her husband, which was recorded by The Supremes. 


    Today she is on the board of the Rhythm & Blues Foundation, has a scheduled star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as a member of The Miracles and has written A Miraculous Life, which is her autobiography of the years with the group.



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