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    Santulis, John

    In 1969, John Santulis appeared on a Vince Guaraldi album entitled Eclectic.  The same title could be used to describe John’s career.  A concertmaster and violinist, and one-time member of Desi Arnaz’s orchestra, his discography covers the gamut from classic rock to modern R&B. 


    In 1974, he was one of the “strings” on Supersax’s album, Supersax Plays Bird with Strings, and served as string concertmaster on the Pat Boone gospel album, Songs from the Inner Court.  Three years later, he performed on Quincy Jones’ soundtrack to the TV mini-series, Roots.  1978 found him in concert with Donna Summer, acting as concertmaster and violinist for Live and More, and fulfilling the same duties on Deanna Edwards’ Music, Laughter & Tears.  In 1979, he appeared on Frank Sinatra’s boxed set, Trilogy.  This is the same musician who appears on Dimples’ 1994 release, Baby Makin’ Music. 


    He can also be heard on a number of anthologies, including Ann-Margret 1961-1966, Q:  The Musical Biography of Quincy Jones, Solid Zinc:  The Turtles Anthology, and Gene Vincent’s The Road is Rocky:  Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971.



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