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    Sonnleitner, Fritz

    Concertmaster and violinist who was the only German in the General Government Philharmonic, which was the name of the orchestra in Krakow, Poland, during World War II.  He served as their concertmaster until 1944, eventually taking the same position with the Munich Philharmonic, in 1950. 


    By 1958, he had his own, self-titled Sonnleitner Quartett, and its other members comprised violinist Ludwig Baier, cellist Fritz Kiskalt, and violist Siegfried Meinecke.  The two Fritzes recorded Johannes Brahms’ “Concerto for Violin & Cello, Op. 102”, in tandem with the Munich Philharmonic, in 1959. 


    Fritz Sonnleitner became an important part of the 1970s studio scene, as well.  In 1973, he appeared on a pair of Popol Vuh albums, Hosianna Mantra and Seligpreisung.  The Fritz Sonnleitner Quartet contributed their talent to Keith Jarrett’s 1974 release, In the Light. 


    In 1976, he was the concertmaster on Rainbow’s Rising, was a member of the string section on The Silver Convention’s Madhouse, and directed the strings on Herbie Mann’s Bird in a Silver Cage.  He would reunite with Herbie in 1977 on Fire Island and The Silver Convention on Summernights (billed as Fritz Sonnleitner’s Fantastic Strings!). 


    In 1978, he appeared on Roger Glover’s Elements, La Bionda, the soundtrack of Midnight Express, Music from Battlestar Galactica and Other Original Compositions, and Popol Vuh’s Tantric Songs. 

    He was the concertmaster on Madleen Kane’s “Forbidden Love”/”Thunder in My Heart” and was in the strings section on Suzi Lane’s Ooh La La in 1979.  In 1980, the Fritz Sonnleitner Trio appeared on Keith Jarrett’s Works. 


    The CD era is full of opportunities to hear what Fritz brought to the studio, on compilations such as The Best of Claudja Barry:  Dancin’ Fever, The Best of Silver Convention, and Evolution of Mann:  The Herbie Mann Anthology.


    Giorgio Moroder  recordings


    Chase (Giorgio Moroder)

    Casablanca CAN 144 A (UK 45)


    Love's Theme (Giorgio Moroder)

    Casablanca CAN 144 B(UK 45) 



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