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     Waldman, Wendy

    She is a singer-songwriter and producer who grew up in Los Angeles where her father was the composer Fred Steiner who wrote the theme to Perry Mason and other TV music for shows such as Gunsmoke and Star Trek, and her grandfather was the composer George Steiner who wrote for Laurel and Hardy and animations. 


    She began stepping out on her music career as a member of Bryndle with Andrew Gold, Kenny Edwards and Karla Bonoff but after recording an album, which wasn’t released they disbanded.  This left her to go out on her own as a solo singer and songwriter and in 1973 she released her first album, Love Has Got Me which led to many more and the 1978 chart single “Long Hot Summer Nights” which reached No. 66 on the Billboard Top 100. 


    Once the 1980s came around she relocated to Nashville and started seeing major success as a songwriter when several of her songs became hits.   She toured nationally on her own and opened many others and over these years she branched out into production and collaborating with other artists either as a songwriter or making appearances with other artists as a studio singer. 


    In 1995 she found herself back with a re-united Bryndle and this time a recording was successfully released and a subsequent tour took place nationally and in Japan.  This led to a further album being released and they still have a good following. 


    Her songwriting has seen at over 100 songs released with several BMI million-air winners and has included “I want a Horse”, co-written with Linda Ronstadt for Sesame Street on their Grammy winning In Harmony, “Fishin’ in the Dark” co-written with Jim Photoglo for the Dirt Band and “Save The Best for Last” and “The Sweetest Days” co-written with Phil Galdston and John Lind and each made a hit by Vanessa Williams.   The song “Corn, Water and Wood”, co-written with Carol Elliott and a hit for Michael Martin Murphey gave her a Cowboy Hall of Fame Wrangler Award and she has also had work included on the 2002 Grammy winners by Cece Winans and Alison Krauss. 


    Her career has ended up with her working with a vast list of artists that include Clint Black, Jerry Butler, Kim Carnes, Nicolette Larson, Josh Leo, Melissa Manchester, Reba McEntire, Randy Meisner, Maria Muldaur, Randy Newman, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Dan Seals, The Sweethearts of the Rodeo and Pam Tillis. 


    Albums she has featured on as a musician are countless but a selection of them include her own Gypsy Symphony, The Main Refrain and Strange Company, as well as Riddles in the Sand by Jimmy Buffett, Intermissions by Andrew Gold, Will the Circle Be Unbroken by The Nitty Gritty Dirtband, Heart Like a Wheel by Linda Ronstadt, Man Overboard by Bob Welch, Five-O-Five by Hank Williams Jr. and Living With War by Neil Young and the soundtracks of Footloose and Twilight Zone: The Movie.  


    Currently she works from home at her studio in Los Angeles and runs the long-running old radio show Folkscene.  


    In the field of musical education she has been seen holding workshops at various music festivals and on BMI, ASCAP and NSAI panels and also works a clinician.



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