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    Watson, Chad

    Bassist, producer and songwriter from Missouri who learned his signature instrument from his father, also a bass player.  He attended the University of Missouri in Kansas City, where he studied at their music conservatory, and furthered his education at William Jewell College and the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.


    After graduation, he went on tour with several gospel groups, including The Imperials, who performed with Elvis Presley.  He worked as a bassist with Ronnie Milsap in 1979 and then became a member of Charlie Rich’s band.  In 1982, he joined The Burrito Brothers and was with them for about a year.  He moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1984. 


    A couple of artists with whom he has collaborated frequently are David Arkenstone and Janis Ian.  He appeared on her 1993 album, Breaking Silence, which was nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best New Folk Album.  Likewise, he received a gold record for his contributions to her compact disc, Up ‘till Now. 


    In 1995, he produced Katie Trickett’s album, The Next Time.  Then he released his own solo effort, Push it to the Edge, in 1996.  Other albums with which he was involved include David Arkenstone’s Caravan of Light, Delaney Bramlett’s Sounds from Home, and Kate E. Oyler’s Handful of Aces. 


    In 2003, he appeared on the concert CD, Janis Ian Live:  Working Without a Net.  He also produced If You Get Close You Can Hear by Jim Barile and performed on Voice of the Soul with Sam Glaser and RebbeSoul and The Silence of This Moment with Adrienne Kirkey.  In 2007, he co-produced Susan Toney’s Strange Child CD and appeared on the compilation, Gypsy Lullabies. 


    His resume as a producer is impressive, boasting more than thirty credits.  Some of his most recent projects were David Arkenstone’s Sketches from an American Journey, Delaney Bramlett’s A New Kind of Blues, and Jewly Hight’s Darlin’ Understand. 


    On 24th January 2010, he took part in a telethon at Kulak’s Woodshed to benefit victims of the Haitian earthquake.



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