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     Wechter, Julius (10th March 1935-1st February 1999)

    He was a percussionist, vibraphonist and marimba player born in Los Angeles, California, who began by playing the piano when he was five years old.  During the 1940s and early 1950s he appeared in small parts in many Hollywood movies.  Starting his musical career in the 1950s he performed and wrote songs as part of the Martin Denny Group, recording his own solo album in 1957, and once the 1960s came in he became a session musician at many of Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound" recording sessions and with artists such as The Beach Boys, The Righteous Brothers and Sonny & Cher as well as finding work in the TV and movie industry.  In 1962 his career would change dramatically when he was the percussionist on "The Lonely Bull" by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass as this would be the start of a long and successful association with them.  He became so well thought of that his marimba and vibes playing became a recognisable part of the group's sound and he was the composer of the hit "Spanish Flea", with one of his compositions include on virtually every album in the 1960s.  He would also tour with them from the mid-1970s.  In 1964 he was urged to form his Baja Marimba Band by Herb Alpert.  They were active until the 1970s recording more than 12 albums and making many TV appearances and a performance at the White House.  After they had gone their own ways he returned to working on music for movies and television and composed scores for movies such as Disney's Midnight Madness.  He also still appeared as a studio musician for singers and groups and was heard working with Bobby Darin, Duane Eddy, Jack Jones, Frankie Laine, Dean Martin, Billy May, Nancy Sinatra, Syreeta, The Tubes and The Ventures among others.  Albums he appeared on throughout the course of his career include his own Linear Sketches and also Fandango by Herb Alpert, Heads Up! By the Maja Marimba Band, Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, All I Really Want to Do by Cher, Man Who Invented Soul by Sam Cooke, Move Over Darling by Doris Day, Hypnotique by Martin Denny, Right There by Lamont Dozier, Listen to the Band by The Monkees, Wedding Album by Leon Russell, Back to Mono by Phil Spector to name but a few. Deciding to return to education he received a Master's Degree in Psychology and was awarded the position of Vice President of the Tourette Syndrome Association in Southern California, suffering from the syndrome himself.  He also worked as a marriage and family councillor.  Suffering from lung cancer he died aged 63 while at his home in California.


    Herb Alpert recordings

    Angel (Juan Carlos Calderon)

    Route 101 (Juan Carlos Calderon)



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