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    Winslow, Barry

    Lead singer and rhythm guitarist for The Royal Guardsmen.  A field drummer at Ocala High School in Florida, Winslow auditioned for the band shortly after their formation.  In the middle of the Vietnam war, he was drafted for service but excused for medical reasons.  The band broke up and got back together in 1976.  Barry stayed for two years.  He moved to Nashville and concentrated on songwriting, partnering with Aaron Brown on Child's Gift of Lullabies and contributing a song called "I L.O.V.E. Y.O.U." that went platinum, thanks to the vocal talents of Tonya Goodman Sykes.  He experienced an epiphany in 1992 and decided to devote himself to Christian music.  Five years later, he moved to Mountain View, in the Missouri Ozarks, where he currently lives with his wife Sheryl and two of their two children.  In 2004, he released the Contemporary Christian album Transition.  A couple of years later, he reunited with his fellow Guardsmen and co-wrote "Snoopy vs. Osama" with John Burdett.  It was intended as a morale booster for the troops.  The Royal Guardsmen continue to perform in small venues to enthusiastic reviews.  Winslow is also a scale-model helicopter enthusiast and photographer.  Many of his creations can be viewed on the web.


    The Royal Guardsmen recordings

    I Needed You (Chris Nunley/Barry Winslow)

    Snoopy vs. the Red Baron (Phil Gernhard/Dick Holler)



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