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     Barkan, Mark

    He is a songwriter, composer and music director who often worked in collaboration with other writers such as Ben Raleigh, Richie Adams and Rolf Barnes.  His songs include the hit single "Pretty Flamingo" for Manfred Mann, "How Would You Like To Be" by Elvis Presley, "That's the Way Boys Are" sung by Leslie Gore, "Do the Blue Beat (The Jamaican Ska)" sung by Ray Rivera, "Leave the Cryin' To Me" sung by Christopher Robbin  and several songs for the cartoon group The Archies.  As a theatre composer his work has been heard in Waltz of the Stork, Fritz and Froyim and Broadway's Scaree Tales.  In the movies his songs have been heard in the 1994 films Confessions of a Sorority Girl and Reform Girl and he appeared as the character Mr. Ed in the 2005 Tea Date.  Also involved in television he was the music director for the children's series Banana Splits.  Albums his work is featured on include the soundtrack of Scaree Tales, The Archies, Toomorrow which was a group featuring Olivia Newton John and Psychedelic Moods and Rarities by The Deep.


    Nelson Briles recordings

    Me and My Rock and Roll Heroes (Ed Vallone/Mark Barkan) 

    She Was Waiting on the Corner (Ed Vallone/Mark Barkan)


    Christopher Robbins recordings

    Leave the Cryin' to Me (Mark Barkan/Ben Raleigh)



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