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    Sedaka, Dara

    Singer-songwriter, fashion designer, actress and movie critic who is famous on two fronts, one, for being the daughter of pop-rock legend Neil Sedaka, and two, for recording "Angel Queen" for the anime movie Queen Millennia, for which she has achieved something akin to cult status in Japan.  In fact, her 1982 album I'm Your Girlfriend was issued on CD in 2004 by popular demand.  Dara's solo recording career started in 1978 with a cover of "My Guy", co-produced by Neil and David Foster.  The peak of her chart success in the States came two years later in the form of the famous duet with her father entitled "Should've Never Let You Go", which reached #19 on the Billboard pop chart.  (It was also #76 or #77 for the year, depending on who you believe.)  The two of them duetted on several other tunes, including a remake of Neil's "Laughter in the Rain" and the Ashford-Simpson composition "Your Precious Love", which they took to the top twenty of the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in 1983.  Dara also co-wrote every song on Neil's 1986 release, The Good Times.  Ten years later, she would join the legion of pop stars who have recorded albums of standards, putting her own spin on such classics as "What'll I Do" and "The Very Thought of You" on the album What's New.  Her brief foray into acting included a stint on the Australian television programme Prisoner and the role of Christine in 1984's Where the Boys Are.  She has also served on the advisory board of the Songs of Love Foundation, a non-profit organization that creates personalized songs for children in need.


    Neil Sedaka and Dara Sedaka recordings

    Should've Never Let You Go (Phil Cody/Neil Sedaka)

    You're So Good For Me (Dara Sedaka/Neil Sedaka)



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