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    The band was formed in the 1971 in Los Angeles, California when they were put together by the manager, John Boylan, to back Linda Ronstadt on a tour.  It was during this time that they decided to become the Eagles and chose their name "as a nod to the Byrds", and they became successful after releasing their first album Eagles which was followed up by Desperado.  They are ranked as one of the most successful recording artists of the 1970s with five No. 1 singles and four No. 1 albums in the American charts and the 1976 album Their Greatest Hits !971-1975 is the biggest selling album in US history selling over 29 million copies.  Known also for the album Hotel California, the title track is regarded as a classic rock song.  Aside from their own work they were also the backing band for Randy Newman's Little Criminals in 1977.  Following their 1979 tour the band members were faced with many problems with the drug related arrest of Glenn Frey as well as a fight between him and Don Felder at a fundraising concert.  The fighting continued and on the final night of the tour Frey and Felder were continually threatening each other until a huge fight,  that involved the band and roadies, trying to separate them.  They disbanded in 1980 with their final album being mixed in separate sides of the country as Glenn Frey and Don Henley couldn't work together amicably anymore.  The band re-united in 1993 and toured in 1994 but they saw controversy again when they dedicated the song "Peaceful Easy Feeling" to Saddam Hussein.  They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.



    Glenn Frey (guitar/piano/vocals)(1971-1980)(1993-present)

    Bernie Leadon (guitar/banjo/mandolin/vocals) (1971-1976)

    Randy Meisner (bass/guitar/vocals) (1971-1977)

    Don Henley (drums/vocals)(1971-1980)(1993-present)

    Don Felder (guitar/vocals) (1974-1980)(1993-2001)

    Joe Walsh (guitar/keyboards/vocals) (1976-1980) (1993-present)

    Timothy B. Schmidt (bass/vocals) (1977-1980) (1993-present)


    Eagles Recordings

    One of These Nights (Don Henley/Glenn Frey)                                                                     

    Visions (Don Felder/Don Henley)                                                                               



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