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    Also known as Flaskvartetten in its native language, this quartet is actually a quintet where the fifth member is the percussionist that accompanies the string quartet, which comprises two cellos, a viola and a violin.  Formed in 1985 from ex-pupils of the Swedish Royal Academy of Music who were practicing classical musicians, the group works with traditional and electronic equipment and aside from their own performances they have also worked with many acclaimed artists in genres that run from experimental music right through to classical.  No strangers to the recordings studio they have released many albums including Goodbye Sweden, Fire Fire, Love Go, Voices of Eden and their Grammis Award winning Flow.  Other recordings they have feature on include I Let the Music Speak by Anne Sofie von Otter and For the Stars by Anne Sofie Van Otter and Elvis Costello, The Dice Man by Freddie Wadling and Freaks of Nature by Drain S.T.H.  Ofen working in the work of television, stage and film they have composed works for ballet and theatre and haved composed/worked on the score of 11 movies and several commercials shown nationally.


    Ensemble members

    Mattias Hellden (cello)

    Orjan Hogberg (viola)

    Jonas Lindgren (violin)

    Sebastian Oberg (cello)

    Christian Olsson (drums)


    Anne Sofie von Otter recordings

    After the Rain (Benny Andersson/Mats Norklit)

    Deutsche Grammophon D. G. 477 5901 (CD: I Let the Music Speak)

    Mezzo soprano - Anne Sofie von Otter

    Piano - Benny Andersson 



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