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     Matthews Southern Comfort

    The singer-songwriter Iain Matthews recorded his first solo album with the backing of musicians from his previous group, Fairport Convention, entitled Matthews Southern Comfort in 1969. 


    When the second album, Second Spring came along, also in 1969, he formed the band that became known as the group Matthews Southern Comfort, which would receive much critical acclaim. 


    The following year they released a third album, Later That Same Year, which gave them success with the release of their hit version of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” which kept them at the top of the UK charts for 3 weeks in October of that year.  


    They toured successfully for the first couple of years and underwent several line-up changes, but following the third album Iain Matthews left the group by suddenly just walking off the stage while performing a concert in Oxford, England. 


    The other band members remained together as Southern Comfort, however, and went on to release the further albums Frog City, Southern Comfort, Stir Don’t Shake and the compilation Distilled.


    They eventually disbanded after they felt the interest from the public had waned.


    Members and Recording Musicians

    Carl Barnwell (Guitar/Backing vocals)

    Roger Churchyard (Fiddle)

    Roger Coulam (Piano)

    Ray Duffy (Drums)

    Tristan Frye (Vibraphone)

    Mark Griffiths (Bass/Guitar/Backing vocals)

    Gordon Huntley (Steel Guitar)

    Martin Jenkins (Mandolin)

    Andy Leigh (Bass/Backing Vocals)

    Iain Matthews (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Arranger)

    Keith Nelson (Bass/Banjo)

    Tom Paley (Banjo)

    Byard Ray (Fiddle)


    Matthew’s Southern Comfort recordings 

    Woodstock (Joni Mitchell)

    Old Gold OG 9795-A (UK 7”)



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