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    Just a Faded Petal from a Beautiful Bouquet

    (C. E. "Hank" Snow)


    Country song by Hank Snow that describes the bittersweet last stages of a love affair.  In the song, the titular petal is enclosed in what is presumably a Dear John letter.  The narrator reminisces about the end of the relationship as he writes his own letter in reply.  Ambiguous lyrics seem to leave the door open for the possibility of romance somewhere down the line.  The faded petal is used consistently as a metaphor for their faded love.  The song appears on several Hank Snow compilations, including Cowboy Songs by Hank The Yodelling Ranger, The Best of the Early Hank Snow:  Wanderin' On, More Hank Snow Souvenirs, and This is My Story.  The song originally appeared on the B side of a Bluebird 78 dating from 1946, with "Just Waiting for You" on side A.  It is also included in the DVDs, Country Style U.S.A.: Season 3 and Road to Nashville.  Several artists have covered the song, including Hank Ballard, Carl & Pearl Butler, George Longard, Marty Robbins, Al Runyon, Smokey Montgomery & The Light Crust Doughboys, and A Smoky Montgomery.  The 45 by A Smoky Montgomery curiously lists the song as "(Faded Petal From) A Beautiful Bouquet".  It is a straightforward instrumental with twin fiddles harmonizing on the chorus and the pianist taking up the melody on the verses.


    A Smoky Montgomery recordings

    (Faded Petal From) A Beautiful Bouquet (C. E. "Hank" Snow)      



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