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    Love on a Two-Way Street

    (Burt Keyes/Sylvia Robinson) (Lezli Valentine:  Uncredited Lyrics)


    Although it is credited to Burt Keyes and Sylvia Robinson, it has come out that Lezli Valentine, who recorded the original version, may have co-written some of the lyrics and been dropped from the credits.  Whatever the case, it became a huge hit for The Moments in 1970, topping the soul chart and crossing over to the pop chart, where it peaked at #3.


    It has since been covered by Barry Biggs, Gloria Estefan on the 1994 CD, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Dean Fraser who did a “version”, Kyla, Stacy Lattisaw who took it to #2 on the R&B chart and #26 on the pop chart, the Lewis Sisters, The Lost Generation on The Sly, Slick and the Wicked, Laura Nyro, Lovi Poe, Ray, Goodman & Brown, Vonda Shepherd on the TV show Ally McBeal, and Brenda K. Starr on her 2002 album, Temptation.


    The Moments recordings

    Love on a Two-Way Street (Burt Keyes/Sylvia Robinson) (Lezli Valentine:  Uncredited Lyrics)

    (LP:  Not on the Outside, but on the Inside, Strong!)



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