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Andrews, David

He is a musician and singer-songwriter brought up in the Orcas Island, Washington, who began to play several musical instruments and sing before he was a teenager and after relocating and attending high school in Southern California, he became a member of a band, learned to play guitar and write songs.

Moving again to Idaho, he began to play professionally in clubs and restaurants in Sun Valley when he was 18.  In 1990 he began to attend the Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregan, where Scott Kritzer is an adjunct professor, and while there he started a group he named Calobo.  They were together for 11 years and sold in the region of 85,000 records as well as extensively touring.

After they disbanded in 2001 he concentrated on his solo career and released the album Get Me Out of This Place.  In 2004 he moved yet again, this time to Nashville, where he released his Everything to Lose that features artists such as John Mayer, the Dixie Chicks, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Wilco, Mark Knopfler and Rod Stewart among others.

Known for his easy-listening compositions his Christmas songs “Winter’s Chill” and “Christmas Youth” have been recorded by the classical guitarist Scott Kritzer for the album Classical Guitar Christmas.

Scott Kritzer recordings
Winter’s Chill
Miramont 113 (CD: Classical Guitar Christmas)
Guitar – Scott Kritzer

Here is David’s composition “Christmas Youth” performed by Scott Kritzer…