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Andriessen, Hendrik (17th September 1892-12th April 1981)

He was a composer, organist born in Haarlem, The Netherlands, with his father being an organist, his mother being a painter, his brother being the composer and pianist Willem Andriessen and his sons being the composers Louis and Jurriaan Andriessen.

He studied composition and organ at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, graduating in 1916, and would later lecture there on music theory and composition from 1926 to 1954.  Remaining in education for much of his career he was also a teacher at the Institute of Catholic Church Music and a Director of the Utrecht Conservatory and The Hague Royal Conservatory where he would cover several subjects that included improvisation, accompanying Gregorian chant and organ.  For the decade 1952-1962 he would be part of the Catholic University of Nijmegan and hold the position of Extraordinary Professor.

As an organist he took over his father’s post in Haarlem in 1913 before moving to Utrecht Cathedral in 1934.  He was known for his organ improvisations and as a composer his works, that have been noted as having a French influence, include four symphonies, two operas, cello and piano sonatas, eight masses, chamber works, lieder, a concerto for organ and orchestra, a string quartet and many works of Catholic church music.

As a prizewinner he was awarded the Johann Wagenaar Prize, the Professor Van der Leeuw Prize and the Sweelinck prize between 1950 and 1961.

He died in Haarlem in 1981 aged 88.

Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra recordings
Chromatic Variations
NM Classics 92023 (CD: Hendrik Andriessen)
Conductor – David Porcelijn
Flute – Tom Reinders
Oboe – Herman Vincken
Violin – Maurits Bosman
Violincello – Dmitri Ferschtman