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This group was formed in 1971 by the singer and composer Paul McCartney.  The name “Wings” was given to them after he had seen an image of wings while he was praying for his wife, Linda, when she was giving birth to their daughter, Stella.

After the break up of The Beatles he recorded an album with Linda, and when he was recording the second one, Ram, he asked Denny Seiwell to drum for them after a secret audition.  For the third album he also invited Denny Laine and the resultant album, Wild Life, was the first time that Wings would be credited as the artist.

They added Henry McCullough, who had preciously been with Spooky Tooth, to the band and after touring at universities and small venues throughout Europe they released “Give Ireland Back to the Irish” which brought them their first success, despite being banned by the BBC.

They became known as Paul McCartney & Wings from 1972, possibly because some of the records on their Red Rose Speedway album were actually recorded in the Ram sessions before Wings were formed.

They released numerous hit singles and albums, despite going through several changes in line-up, and toured extensively.  Their “Mull of Kintyre” was one of the most successful UK hits of all time and they won a Grammy Award for “Rockestra Theme” which featured members from Led Zeppelin, The Who and Pink Floyd.

They teamed up with Chet Atkins and Floyd Cramer using the name The Country Hams, and recorded the song “Walking in the Park With Eloise” which had been written by Paul’s father, James, years earlier.

In the movies they appeared in Rockshow, which was filmed during a concert in Seattle, and on the soundtracks of Live and Let Die, Sunburn, and others.

The group disbanded on 27th April 1981 after what had been a difficult and eventful year or so.   During the lifetime of the band they achieved 14 Top Ten Hits in the US and 12 in the UK and released 9 albums which all reached at least Top 10 status on either side of the Atlantic.

Paul McCartney (1971-1981) (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards)
Linda McCartney (1971-1981) (vocals, keyboards)
Denny Laine (1971-1981) (vocals, guitar, bass, piano)
Denny Seiwell (1971-1973) (drums)
Henry McCullough (1972-1973) (vocals, guitar)
Howie Casey (1973) (1975-1981) (saxophone. horns)
Geoff Britton (1974-1975) (percussion, drums)
Jimmy McCulloch (1974-1977) (vocals, guitar, bass)
Joe English (1975-1977) (vocals, percussion, drums)
Tony Dorsey (1975-1981) (horns)
Thaddeus Richard (1975-1981) (brass, horns)
Steve Howard (1975-1981) (brass, horns)
Kenneth “Afro” Williams (1975-1977) (percussion, drums)
Laurence Jubers (1978-1981) (vocals, guitar)
Steve Holley (1978-1981) (vocals, percussion, drums)

Paul McCartney & Wings recordings
Coming Up (Paul McCartney)
Coming Up (Live at Glasgow) (Paul McCartney)
Lunchbox/Odd Sox (Paul McCartney)