I watched Prince in the game last night

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I watched Prince in the game last night

Post by fiona »

...and I don't care what a lot of people say about him. I think he's great. :D

I think he put on a really entertaining show and nice to see him doing some different stuff. I always was a Jimi Hendrix fan and I think he did a good job of him, as well as his rendition of Proud Mary. :4944: :8827:

As for Billy Joel....well what can I say? :D
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He couldn't have planned the songs any better...

Post by jodlyn »

When he started singing "Purple Rain", everyone at the cousin's house started laughing. There he was with the purple lighting and the rain was pouring down. It was great!

I'm amazed he kept his footing though. We all kept watching to see if his two dancers were going to start slip sliding away.
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