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Re: Well I'm thinking..

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fiona wrote:All of these composers relied on being published and were often promoted by another known composer or conductor in the business.
Maybe that's why Jeremiah Clarke's "Prince of Denmark's March" was until very recently (like within the past couple of decades) always attributed to Henry Purcell, and called "Trumpet Voluntary". It seems that much of what I heard of Purcell's works were actually composed by others. Which is not to say that Purcell never composed anything, but that his being the "name" composer in England at the time, he had the works of others attributed to him. (And I'm not saying that he did that, either. But Clarke and Purcell were both students of John Blow, and Clarke succeeded Purcell as organist at Westminster.)
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That's true

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Jeremish Clarke was the most famous organist in London of his time and he was often associated with composers like Purcell. Purcell was pretty under-estimated though as although it is said that many of his works were attributed to other composers, it worked the other way round too where it has since been found that he was the true originator of a work. One composer that is much forgotten and continually confused with him, is his brother Daniel, who wrote many theatre works and other compositions and was acclaimed in his own right at the time.
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