We've lost another singer.

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We've lost another singer.

Post by PapaMouse »

Although lately, Merv Griffin has been better known as a game-show producer, creator of "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune". But he started out as a singer, and had a hit with the novelty song "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts".

I remember his daytime talk show in the 60s, with his sidekick Arthur Treacher introducing him ("Here he is, Merrrrrrrrrrrrvyn!"). Then, after Mr Treacher died, Merv would introduce himself. (You hear his voice from offstage, saying "Here I am!", then he'd just walk onstage.)

I didn't know until I read the obituary that he was considered one of the frontrunners to take over The Tonight Show in 1962, when Jack Parr retired. But Johnny Carson got the gig instead.
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I remember watching the show with my grandmother...

Post by jodlyn »

She liked how he sang, and I thought he was hilarious as a talk show host. What's amazing is how he had the Midas touch with shows on television.

Thank you for posting this, Papa. It's so good to learn more about these entertainers.

My condolences to his family!
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Thank you PapMouse

Post by fiona »

We had Jeopardy here too, but we didn't have the same presenter. I knew of Merv Griffin though and am said to hear he's gone. :cry:
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Post by tmac396 »

I heard this yesterday. I did not realize that he was a singer, too. Interesting. Thanks for posting, Papa.
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