Moment of Glory

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Moment of Glory

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A CD from a hard rock band and a symphony orchestra? From Germany??

When I first saw Moment of Glory in the record store, I had to give it a listen. I mean, I've always liked the Scorpions. And this CD was mostly stuff I've heard (and liked) before. They wouldn't release it if it didn't "work", right. (Well, some bands have released some real stinkers, but stillll...) So I listened to the previews of the tracks, and sure enough, i loved it. So I bought the CD. Listening to it again, I decided I really like some of the songs A LOT. Like "Still Loving You". It's a sad-but-somewhat-hopeful song. And when the violins weep, it just adds so much to what would otherwise be just another "bad boy ballad".

And in the rockers, like the title track or "Hurricane 2000", the addition of the brasses gives them even more power. There are a couple of instrumentals that show what a hard rock band and a philharmonic orchestra can do together. If you've never heard it, give them a listen.
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