I went into FYE today.

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I went into FYE today.

Post by PapaMouse »

FYE is a "record store", in case there are some here who aren't familiar with the chain.

Anyway, I went in and a young woman (And when I say "young", I mean probably still in her teens.) approaches me and asks if there's anything she can help me find. I say "The Moody Blues". And she asks...

"Is that a CD or a movie?"


I wonder where she was when Hard Rock Park opened and had two BIG concerts, one by The Eagles, and the other by The Moody Blues?
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Re: Hardly any of these young ones know the Moody Blues...

Post by jodlyn »

Well, unless its our very own Thomas. :)

I had to laugh though when I read what she asked you about the cd or movie. We are the cool ones though, Pat. After all, OUR music was the super coolest.

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I hate to say this..

Post by fiona »

,,,but even though my two "young" ones (20 and 18 ) both enjoy their music and both are aware of a lot of the older stuff thanks to me, I think that if you asked them who the Moody Blues were they wouldn't know, even though they've heard them many times.

They do both know Justin Hayward from his involvement in "War of the Worlds" though.

You've raised a very interesting thought though as I wonder if these young ones today are not the same as we were when we were that age. I was very aware of the music taste of my mum and dad at the time but dad alway thought the traditional Scottish and country music he liked was fine and anything up to date (the 1960s) was "rubbish" and that included groups like The Beatles. :roll: I adored music from a very young age, but there was an awful lot I didn't know about from previous generations and even more that I didn't give time to as I was too busy keeping up with the charts. It's only later that I began to appreciate it all.

I agree that the girl you came across at the record store should have been a bit more in the know, but then she may not have come up against anyone asking for them before and they're obviously not in her sphere of musical interest.
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