Most Controversial Musician and or Albums of all Time

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Most Controversial Musician and or Albums of all Time

Post by Gman316 »

Here is a subject that might stir some conversation. Most controversial Musician and or Albums. I will start:

Album: Copkiller
Group: Bodycount

Formed by rapper Ice-T in 1990 Bodycounts album "Copkiller" was needless to say controversial. Removed from shelves shortly after it's release, only the edited version remains to this day. Songs like KKK Bitch and Mommas Gonna Die Tonight remain, and generated controversy of their own for their vulgarity, sexual nature, and violent intent.
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Re: Most Controversial Musician and or Albums of all Time

Post by fiona »

Great to see you Gman as it's been a while. Great subject too.

The most controversial album I can remember when I was younger was Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols. This was when I was a British teenager who, like most others of that era, were affected by this group. They were angry, they had attitude, they weren't scared to say how they felt about society in Britain at the time and that led them being totally banned from every British TV and radio show at the time. Of course that fuelled their popularity with the youth of the time and even though the music was quetionable to say the least, they had the attention of everyone.
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Great subject indeed!

Post by jodlyn »

Welcome back, Gman. :)

I remember the controversy about 2 Live Crew's "As Nasty as They Wanna Be" album. It was so controversial, a federal judge said it was legally obscene. Because of that, record store owners in Florida were arrested for selling the album and the group themselves were arrested each time they sang some of the songs at concerts. The funny thing is...all the controversy helped the album soar in sales.
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