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Balogh, Bill

Guitarist and bass player who was one of the founding members of The Royal Guardsmen .

He was into folk music as a teenager but when he and his high-school friend Jay Mayer went to see A Hard Day’s Night, it was all over for them. They wanted to be a part of that. The two of them, along with John Burdett , started a group called The Posmen. Balogh’s father was a postman, and for some reason they dropped the ‘t’.

It wouldn’t be long before the band would morph into The Royal Guardsmen . Balogh knew that they had made it when he turned on WLS in Chicago and the disc jockey announced “Snoopy vs. the Red Baron “. It wound up selling over four million copies worldwide.

The Royal Guardsmen reunited in 2004 and continued to tour.

The Royal Guardsmen recordings
I Needed You (Chris Nunley/Barry Winslow )
Snoopy vs. the Red Baron (Phil Gernhard/Dick Holler )

Here is The Royal Guardsmen and “Return of the Red Baron”…