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Bardowell, Phil

He is a guitarist who was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Southern California.

He started piano lessons when he was three years old, taught himself guitar by the age of twelve and formed his first band with his brother and John Stamos.

He backed Jan and Dean and Mike Love’s Endless Summer Beach Band. When he was 27 he teamed up with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley of Kiss, fronting the band Criss.  Carl Wilson, after having been stricken with cancer, asked him to front for The Beach Boys . He continued to perform with them after Carl’s death and stayed until he retired from the band in 2001.

He released a solo album in 2001 called In a Perfect World… and the band he was performing with, Day After Rain, was invited to sing on The Wayne Brady Show.  Four years later, in 2005, he released a further solo album In the Cut and later he collaborated with the guitarist Bruce Turgon.

He still records and writes music, which he does in Southern California while serving as a worship leader.

Here he is with Places of Power singing “In Your Wildest Dreams”…