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Barson, Mike (21st May 1958-Present)

He is a musician and songwriter born Michael Wilson Barson in North London England and often known by the nickname Monsieur Barso.

He was classically trained on the piano before he co-founded the band The North London Invaders in 1976. They became Morris and the Minors and eventually turned into Madness which was one of the most popular groups in Britain in the 1980s.

He left the band in 1984 and Madness disbanded in 1986. They reunited again in 1992 with the original line-up and they are still recording and touring.

He has worked with Suggs of Madness in his solo career and has produced several of his songs. No Doubt asked him to play piano on their London version of the track “Everything in Time” and it was produced by the Madness producers Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley.

Madness Recordings
Baggy Trousers (Graham McPherson/Chris Foreman /Michael Barson)
Stiff Records: BUY 84-A (UK45)
The Business (Michael Barson)
Stiff Records: BUY 84-B (UK45)
Don’t Look Back (Chris Foreman)
Stiff Records P-BUY 146B (UK 45 picture disc)
House of Fun (Mike Barson/Lee Thompson )
Stiff Records P-BUY 146A (UK 45 picture disc)

Here he is playing the piano on  “House of Fun” …