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Bassett, Bryan (11th August 1954-Present)

Guitarist who started playing at the age of ten when he received a Harmony Rock 1 for Christmas. He studied with Jerry Conderato and although he was more interested in rock and roll, the lessons proved to be invaluable to him.

Bassett has been active as a recording and touring musician for almost four decades, starting out in the Pittsburgh clubs and eventually moving to Florida where he became a recording engineer at Kingsnake Records.  He has mixed and recorded some 75+ albums, and has three gold and two platinum records to his credit.

As a performer, he was instrumental in rescuing the Pittsburgh-based band Wild Cherry and recorded with them on their #1 hit “Play That Funky Music”. He has also been involved with Foghat and Molly Hatchet for many years as those two bands got back together and toured Germany and the U.S.

The list of artists he has worked with either in the capacity of guitarist, mixer, producer, or recording engineer is too massive to list in its entirety, but includes Nat Adderly, Razzy Bailey, Eric Culbertson, Dr. Hector, Erica Guerin, Mark Hodgson, The JB Horns, Big Daddy Kinsey, Ernie Lancaster, The Midnight Creepers, Chicago Bob Nelson, Lucky Peterson, The Silencers , Troy Turner, Riff West & Friends, and Young Neal & The Vipers.

He has also made numerous television appearances, most notably on The Grammy Awards, as well as The Merv Griffin Show, Midnight Special, Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert, and The Dinah Shore Show, back in the day.

Here he is with Foghat performing “I Just Want To Make Love To You” (he’s the one wearing the hat)…