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Bautz, Pat (30th September 1960-Present)

He is a drummer and audio engineer raised in Melbourne, Florida who became interested in drumming after he heard the local high school marching band practicing. He made his debut as the little drummer boy at his school’s holiday production when he was just 5 or 6 years old. Several years later when he was fifteen he performed in his first professional appearance with the group Earl & The Blue Denims and also became Florida’s 1978’s All State Jazz Band drummer.

After spending some time at college he moved to Houston where he performed in clubs and found himself in recording studios accompanying artists such as Rodney Dangerfield and Freddie Fender amongst others.

In 1990 he relocated to Los Angeles and played at various venues before becoming a member of the group Three Dog Night in 1993 when he took over from Mike Keely.

At the same time he has also worked as a session musician and performed with Debbie Hennesey, Little Anthony & The Imperials, Little Richard, Dave Mason, Peter Noone and Tiny Tim to name just a few.

He can still be heard as a member of Three Dog Night and regularly appears with them in concerts throughout the United States as well as performing gigs with the Pat Bautz Rock All Stars. He is also busy laying down drum tracks for numerous artists in his successful Real Drum Studio.

Here he is on drums performing “Black & White” with Three Dog Night…