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Bayens, Eddy

He is a bassoon player who spent his early life in Nazi occupied Holland and concentrated his time on taking music studies on the bassoon, double bass and clarinet.

After the war he went to Calgary, Canada as a member of the Canadian army and later settled in Edmonton.  He performed with many orchestras and bands during this period including an army band and the Calgary Philharmonic.

He joined the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in the 1950s as a double bass player but when the chance arose he became their Principal Bassoon.  He remained with them on a full-time basis for more than 20 years but his performances with them have continued for at least another 20-25 years, appearing with them in a concert in 1997 and several times since.

He was involved in several aspects of Canadian music and working with the OCSM (Organisation of Canadian Symphony Musicians) was instrumental in the formation of the Symphonic Services of the AFM (American Federation of Musicians).  He became their Secretary-Manager during the later half of the 1960s, remaining in that position until his retirement in 2000, and became adept as a contract negotiator for members of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.  He was also part of the National CBC Agreement negotiations and later became a member of the Law Committee of the AFM and the President of the Canadian Conference.

A wonderful negotiator he obtained high service with low fees for members of the Edmonton Musicians Association, been the Chair of their Music and Sound Recording Division and later their President.  He has been the Chair of the Cultural Human Resources Council and has also been on the board of the Alberta Cultural Action Network.

During his career he also performed with the Edmonton Wind Ensemble and was a musician on their recording Snake Fence Country.

In recognition for his services to music and the arts he was presented with a Queen’s Jubilee Medal at the Canadian Conference of the Arts in 2002.

In the free time he had he actually started building a boat dubbed The Queen of Kensington by CTV in his back yard in 1974 and it wasn’t taken out and launched until 2006/7.

Edmonton Wind Ensemble recordings
Snake Fence Country (Howard Cable)
CBC Records SMCD 5165
ConductorHarry Pinchin

Here is the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra with Procol Harum performing “Conquistador” in 1972….


  6. CD Liner Notes: Snake Fence Country