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Bender, Steve Karl-Heinz (2nd November 1942-7th May 2006)

He was a singer, disco performer and record producer born in Mainz, Germany. Also known as Karl-Heinz, his musical career spanned over 40 years and he was a member of The Poor Things, The Soul Five and The Black Panthers as well as working with Giorgio Moroder, James Brown and Eric Burdon.

In 1979 he became a lead vocalist in the band Dschinghis Khan (Genghis Khan) which was formed in 1979 to take part in the Eurovosion Song Contest. He was known as “the bald one” in the band and left the group in 1981, re-appearing with them in 2005 for a performance in Moscow.

He died from cancer on 7th May 2006. He was aged 63.

Genghis Khan Recordings
Genghis Khan (Ralph Siegel/Bernd MeinungerChristian Dornaus )
Desert Land (Ralph Siegel/Kurt HerthaBernd MeinungerChristian Dornaus )

Here he is on the far right performing the song “Genghis Khan” with Dschinghis Khan…