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Bendt, Oliver (29th October 1946-Present)

He was born Joerg Knoch in Potsdam, Germany, and grew up in Munich.  He trained as a singer with the Regensburger Domspatzen and completed his musical education in Hamburg.

He appeared in the film Keonigswalzer in 1955 and stage musicals such as Hello Dolly and Hair  He had several hits including the song “I Did What I Did, For Maria” but found his biggest success when he formed the Goombay Dance Band . He was their lead vocalist as well as being a fire-eater which he was known for in the stage performances of the band.

His wife Alicia , and their two children, Danny and Yasmin also appeared in the band. They were later divorced.

Goombay Dance Band Recordings Seven Tears (Wolff-Ekkehardt Stein/Wolfgang Jass )                                       Mama Coco (M Smith-Sounds)

Here he is with the Goombay Dance Band on their “Sun of Jamaica” where he is fire-eating and singing too!