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Bonhart, Harold “Spike” (13 November 1961-Present)

Singer-songwriter from Detroit, Michigan, who was performing by the time he was in primary school and was a member of the school choir through his senior year in high school.

He worked a variety of odd jobs as a teen, all the while keeping an eye on the main chance. Odell Bailey showed him the ropes of publishing and songwriting and at the age of fourteen, he was already on board with BMI.

In 1979, he began recording demonstration reels and handing them out to family, friends, and people in the music industry. Another influence was Barrett Strong, who showed him the ins and outs of the daily operation of a recording facility. All of this experience undoubtedly helped him as he formed his own band, humbly titled Perfection, with an eleven-member roster and a small horn section. They played Japan in 2000.

Around the turn of the millennium, he began writing songs and producing for Keith Washington. In 2004, he replaced Billy Henderson of The Spinners and toured with them for several years. After briefly being supplanted by Marvin Taylor in 2009, he is listed as a member of the group as of the 2009-2010 touring season.

In 2011 he replaced Theo Peoples to become a member of the Four Tops.