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Bowern, Claire

Alto and Doctor of Linguistics who achieved her PhD at Harvard University in the historical morphology in a family on non-Pama-Nyungan (Australian) languages.  She was a member of the Harvard University Choir and appeared on their yuletide offering, Christmas in the Busch.  She has also a member of the Christ Church choir in New Haven, Connecticut.

Since graduating from Harvard University she went to Yale University where she became an Associate Professor of Linguistics.  She is a researcher of indigenous Australian languages and has travelled to Northern Australia where she has undertaken archival work and met with speakers on endangered languages.

Harvard University Choir recordings
Adeste Fidelis (Frederick Oakeley/John Francis Wade)
Pro Organo CD 7134 (Christmas in the Busch)
ConductorMurray Forbes Somerville
Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra
Director – Robert Mealy
The Harvard Brass
Soprano – Awet Andemichael
Bass – Mark Risinger
Organists – Erica Johnson and Edward Jones

Here she is discussing a linguistics project…


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